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Cash Bases 600MOD

600MOD - Long and Narrow (Fits in Front of Scanner)                  

Drawer Features:
The 600 wide Flip Lid model (600MOD) offers a very special footprint with a depth of only 141mm to fit within a limited checkout space in front of a scanner and weigh scale to maximise counter space. The cash drawer can be designed to suit any retail environment including the colour of the checkout furniture and compatibility to the EPoS equipment. Stainless steel finish is also available to maintain the surface easily and to meet health and safety requirements. The standard insert for this drawer offers 8 coin and 3 large capacity note compartments, but it can vary to suit individual needs.

The option for integral lockable lid, which is held open by integral springs and magnets on the drawer lid, ensures secure transport of the insert to the back office and cashier accountability for the retailer. 

The standard 600MOD drawer size is W600mm x D141mm x H100mm, but can be varied as required.

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